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My road was traced and my course defined, leading to a profession in the heart of the city of Montreal in the next few years. Having studied urban planning at the age of 20, I saw my future in a tidy and conventional way.  

It was in 2014 that I made the decision to explore a little-known region of Antarctica, this experience was a decisive moment in my career. Crossing certain polar zones on skis and sleeping in my little tent on the snow for more than 1 or 2 months instead of sleeping in my bed made me wonder about the discomfort.


The many journeys made so far have led me to see that it is possible to live to the rhythm of the winters and to discover a certain resilience in oneself and comfort in hostile environments. My mission is to engage people to learn more about nature conservation, surpassing oneself and the simplicity of living differently.

Both during an exploration in the far north and in everyday life, getting out of your comfort zone and surpassing yourself allows you to learn a lot about yourself.  


Very often, we postpone and we don't dare to move, because fear, always present, prevents us from doing so. Confronting it and jumping into the void to live my dreams is the best feeling I've had in my life, and I still feel it every time when developing a project.

“I hold on well and I rush forward,
always stronger than the day before
thanks to the hardships I have overcome so far.
We give everything.
We are cold and sometimes very hungry, we become dehydrated,
we put ourselves to the test every day,
we are rarely safe from a downpour,
our layers of merino wool clothes get wet,
we shiver and we dream of being near a crackling fire.
I chose to launch myself and invest everything in my profession,
to tell the stories of my encounters over the kilometers travelled.”


Trusting our intuition is what helps us. We are all the leaders of tomorrow and thinking outside the box means reforging the future, rethinking a new way of life.

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